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MACOM Group is the United States office for Acos Macom, Sao Paolo, Brazil, a major food service equipment manufacturer and provider to Latin American and Caribbean markets.

Through its South Florida office, MACOM Group is building on the tremendous success and reputation for quality that Acos Macom and its partners have established in Latin America and the Caribbean. Besides the successful completion of many, high-profile projects through out the Caribbean and Latin America, the principals of MACOM USA are uniquely qualified and situated to provide the high levels of reliability, quality and support demanded by multinational corporations desiring to do business in these areas.

The effort to support multinational operations of US foodservice enterprises was begun by the Sao Paolo operation over fifteen years ago, resulting in the production of foodservice equipment packages for over 100 McDonald’s, KFC, Outback and Hard Rock Café stores.

With the introduction of BarMax in 2002 to the US market, we are expanding setting up distribution thru the country.

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